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Battery for Handheld Pushbutton Transmitters T70/1 and T70/2

The BT06K model battery is a rechargeable NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery for use with pushbutton transmitters from the TM70 range (models T70/1 and T70/2).

The capacity of the batteries decreases with use. Their estimated life is 500 charge cycles, but this depends largely on the conditions of use, so we recommend the following:
• Do not recharge the battery until it is fully discharged. The transmitter will tell you when it is time.
• Charge the batteries at temperatures of 0–45ºC (at higher temperatures, the batteries will not charge fully). Avoid placing the charger in direct sunlight.
• Charge the batteries at least once every six months.
• Avoid shorting the battery contacts. Do not carry charged batteries in a toolbox or in pockets with other metal parts (keys, coins, etc.).
• Keep the contacts clean.
• Do not expose the batteries to sunlight.


Model BT06K
Type NiMH
Capacity 750 mAh, 4.8 V
Charging temperature range 0 to 40ºC
Weight 70.3 g


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